Fresh Pasta Dishes

All dishes are served with pasta, cooked fresh every day and our famous marinara sauce. Each dish comes with a loaf of garlic bread made with our fresh hand rolled buns. Full Dinners come with a garden fresh tossed salad. All Dine In Orders come with a trip to our 6 Foot Salad Bar. Our Dinners come complete!
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Lasagna – # 1 Seller!
A heaping portion of lasagna noodles with ricotta cheese and parmesan cheese topped with our 3 cheese blend.

Two large noodles stuffed with ricotta cheese and sausage and topped off with our 3 cheese blend.

8 large meat filled ravioli noodles topped with our 3 cheese blend.

An enormous portion of rigatoni noodles topped with our 3 cheese blend.

A hefty portion of spaghetti noodles, covered with our famous marinara and meatballs.

Mac & Cheese
Everyone’s favorite! Large portion of creamy Mac & Cheeses.

Fettuccini Alfredo (Add Chicken for only $1.00)
A generous portion of fettuccini noodles topped with a rich white alfredo sauce.